The Gallery

Our History: Fire House Loft is an art gallery and community gathering space located upstairs inside the historic white firehouse on Magazine Street. Built in 1872, the building first housed the Bouligny neighborhood's volunteer fire department. Now, this historic property is home to a different kind of public servant - the dynamic visual creators of New Orleans.

Our Mission: Our mission at Fire House Loft is to stimulate, cultivate, and celebrate the visual arts in New Orleans. The walls of our space feature a rotating collection of curated works by some of the most prolific visual artists of our city and region.

Our Artists: Fire House Loft currently features works from artists Jerin "Jerk" Beasley, William Goodman, Paul Grüer, Lauren Hall, Austin Allen James, Tony Mose, and Tracey Mose.

The Space: The gallery is accessible through a discreet entrance on the ground floor at 4523 Magazine Street. Upon entering the building, visitors proceed up the main staircase, which opens directly into the second-floor gallery. With each step up the cozy stairway, the impressive scale of the large, open gallery space above slowly comes into view.

Upstairs, guests are first greeted by the Loft's dramatic fireplace wall. This versatile focal point serves as the backdrop for a wide variety of art installations. The fireplace wall also doubles as the backstop for the gallery's recessed 220-inch vinyl screen. The screen is paired with a high-definition projector and 20-speaker sound system.

The Loft's immersive audio-visual system allows the gallery to easily convert to a unique setting for multimedia presentations, private classes, meetings, and film screenings.

In addition to the main fireplace/media wall, the gallery is surrounded by another 2,100 square feet of exposed-brick wall space on three sides. These three walls contain nine large, arched windows, which provide abundant natural lighting during daylight hours.

One of Fire House Loft's most unique features is its 25-foot infinity bar. Behind this modern addition hangs one of the gallery's permanent art installations - a hand-carved backbar that was custom built for a tavern in Brooklyn at the turn of the 20th century. The backbar's original longcase grandfather clock has been keeping time for well over a century and still works today.

The Loft's well-appointed private spaces are nestled behind the fireplace wall. The Loft features two full bathrooms as well as a private lounge, which also serves as a workspace, meeting space, and dressing room.

**PLEASE NOTE: our space is located on the second floor of a historic two-story building and we do not have an elevator - access to the main gallery space is available via the staircase only.**